Comfort Layers   ~ QUILTIflex

QUILTIflex™ Stands up to Pressure Better than Fiber ...
Polyester fiber inevitably mats down over time, leaving body impressions that reduces mattress comfort. Because of its remarkable strength and durability, QUILTIflex is the first product to virtually eliminate body impressions. Extensive roller shear testing shows that QUILTIflex maintains 98% of its original loft. When tested in quilting construction, QUILTIflex retained 90% of its original loft, even after tests that simulated approximately 10 years average use. In each case QUILTIflex dramatically outperformed fiber by as much as 2 to 1. And yet despite the performance advantage, QUILTIflex quilting panels compare favorably in cost to panels quilted with polyester fiberfill.

Durability does not Equal Discomfort ...
QUILTIflex offers unparalleled durability in a remarkable lightweight foam. Yet, QUILTIflex feels as soft or softer than the highest quality fiber. Because it's so durable, QUILTIflex stays soft and supportive for the life of the mattress. In fact, every night feels like the first night on a mattress topped with QUILTIflex.

QUILTIflex further enhances mattress comfort by providing far greater permeability and moisture pick up/dissipation than fiber. QUILTIflex consistently offers approximately 20% greater airflow under compression than fiber. QUILTIflex is also capable of picking up and dissipating 9 times the moisture of standard fiber. QUILTIflex dissipates that moisture up to 4 times faster than fiber.

It's the innovative Variable Pressure Foaming (VPF™) process that makes QUILTIflex possible. QUILTIflex is created in a vacuum chamber with constant atmospheric conditions, eliminating the fluctuations that changes in barometric pressure, temperature and humidity caused in ordinary foam. The end result is every roll of QUILTIflex meets the same exacting standards.